Becoming a Professional Poker Player

There’s a phenomenon which occurs often among amateur poker players. Hey, what’s to not enjoy? It is fun, it’s rewarding, you can create your own hours, you’re your own boss, stop when you like, play as long as you’d like, sleep until noon and the list continues. Our winning recreational poker player’s sole question at this stage in his investigation would be, “Why did not I think of this earlier”?

Assuming you are not already a complete time daftar idn poker, have you thought of poker as a career route? I mean, actually — how hard is it? You find that these kids on TV that deposit $20 in an internet poker account, start winning, never return and so are now millionaires! While there have been a few thoughts boggling success stories, when poker becomes the only source of income that the subsequent cliché gets quite accurate; poker is a challenging way to make a simple living.

I am not saying getting a poker pro can not be achieved is a foolhardy job — after many have made an effective crossover into professional poker and prospered. I’m saying it requires a little thought, introspection and fair appraisal of your abilities, motives and decision to evaluate whether you’re resilient enough to triumph in this odd life style. Let us examine a few of the standards that you ought to be concentrated to prior to making the plunge.

Are You Currently a Winning Poker Player?

Two important criteria have to be dealt with. To begin with, you have to understand you’re a winning participant not only believe it due to anecdotal evidence. You have to keep meticulous and fair documents of your sessions to show to yourself that over time you’re a winning player. Maintaining honest records is essential. I know some gamers have a tendency to fudge the documents marginally to create their figures look better. This is crap of the maximum sequence as lying to your self can simply be self defeating.

In addition, I feel that you will need at least a million hours and, more realistically, just two million to have a database of almost any significance. Consequently, if you have just won your past four sessions in a row to get a total of fifteen hours and believe you are all set to turn pro — think again!

The next portion of the evidence is that the bets you have been beating on a regular basis. Bear in mind, if you are playing low stakes and beating them like a drum these winnings will likely not have the ability to encourage you. You have to ascertain how much you will have to earn so as to encourage yourself and, perhaps single, your loved ones.

In case you’ve been keeping strong documents, then you know your hourly earn rate more than a million or more hours. After that you can calculate that against the number of hours a week you intend to play and ascertain if the idea to turn pro is only a dream or may really get the job done. Here’s a sobering truth — if you decide you will have to play high stakes to make enough cash to live on then the contest just became more powerful and you’ll want to verify you may still win against stronger opposition.

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