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Clean scalp properly

That is the first and one of the maximum essential steps for extended hair system carrying. cleansing and preparing your scalp nicely will make certain you a strong and long-lasting bond.

Our specialists recommend the use of Hair System and fresheners to save you any sort of rashes or redness that is probably brought about my the used of adhesives.

One in every of our top sellers is Brisk Scalp Freshner, it is a delightfully stimulating antiseptic blend of analgesics and is formulated with Australian tea tree oil, that is a herbal germicide and fungicide. Brisk cleans and refreshes the skin and decreases scalp infection because of immoderate build-up of adhesives, oils and perspiration.

Another notable option from all of our products is Walker Scalp Protector Thick. Its special formulation enables have greater adhesion for greasy skins, athletic wearers, swimming and warm & humid weather.

Plus, it also prevents irritation from tapes & adhesives. You just definitely must roll it onto your pores and skin to remove any lingering oily residue, allow to dry for 3 seconds, then connect your hair gadget. So smooth!

It is all approximately the tape

Due to the huge kind of tapes to pick from, it can be difficult to locate the adequate one for you.Before jumping into deciding on one, you ought to first ask your self what you are definitely looking for.

Do you plan on having a shot term or long term utility? understanding if you plan on being a day by day or prolonged hair device wearer will make it a lot simpler to pick the ideal tape.

Walker extremely keep Bonding Roll is one of the pleasant within the marketplace. The tape is fantastic cheesy, excellent flexible and notable long lasting. depending on the temperature, humidity, and body oils this tape can last up to 6 weeks.

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