Portrayal of the Town Council of the City of Guayana to SM requesting mercedes conceded in regard for their devotion and nationalism.

Letter number 719 of the Viceroy of For everyú, Marqués de la Concordia to the Secretary of State and the Treasury Office taking part had masterminded the printing of four thousand duplicates of the Political Constitution of the Monarchy for not being sufficient that has gotten.

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Portion from the record on graces allowed to the City of Coro and its people for their devotion and administrations, and their erection in Government and Intendance.

Mr. Alcocer’s proposition to the courts to take propitiatory and placating measures with respect to New Spain, since they are in the best spasm and spilling more blood than in different kingdoms.

Letter from the Intendant Governor of Ciudad True de Chiapa, Mr. Manuel Junquito, communicating the steady bond of those regions under his direction to the genuine Government; who has secured the fringes with the troops available to him; that with reference to individuals from the line where the troops are positioned, he guaranteed himself that he had been taken by arms in Oaxaca by the request of Morelos, the Lieutenant Normal D.

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Printed free sheet, paginated “163-164” in which is embedded the “Law that grasps the exculpation that the Diputación Typical of the United Provinces of Venezuela awards to the detainees of the favored disturbance, executed in Valencia the eleven of Julio last. »

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Genuine Order conveyed by the Minister of War, Heredia, to the Viceroy of the Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, partaking in it had educated the Regency Council regarding the news it communicates on the capture of the subjects who were escaping to Buenos Aires and of to have endorsed everything done and set out to continue in equity, against the blamed.

Genuine request imparted by the Minister of War Heredia, to the Viceroy of the Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, blaming the receipt for his letter number sixteen on the insurgence of Buenos Aires and the condition of those nations, and taking an interest him to check it hereThe Regency Council is exceptionally happy with its enthusiasm and right methods.

Letter number two hundred of the Viceroy of the For eachú, Mr. José Abascal to the Minister of Grace and Justice, uncovering the harms that outcome from the opportunity in the current conditions of that Country and going with the declaration of the followed up on the event of the production of a printed paper in Lima.

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