What are 8 ways to watch Korean relay broadcasts?

What are 8 ways to watch Korean relay broadcasts?


BJ Gamst (Africa) has officially apologized for his controversial remarks during a soccer broadcast.Gamst has apologized through live coverage of his African TV channel after a match-up match between Korea and Colombia on Monday night.“I got a commentary from MBC five days ago. I thought it was a dream to comment on the terrestrial while knowing it was scarce. 

I was very nervous when I was practicing at night, “he said.” I imitated Colombia ‘s commentator to say that I wanted to increase tension. I apologize for the big mistake and I’m sorry. ” He said, “After the first half of the broadcast, there was a lot of bullying.”Gamst said, “I did not intend to make the statement of Na Sang – ho, but everything was my fault and my big speech. 

I am sorry, “he said,” I will call the player directly and apologize. ” He added, “I will not even get a commentary anymore.”Gamst played relay broadcasts with Kim Jung-geun MBC announcer and Seo Hyeong-wook commentator at Korea and Colombia A match evaluation game held at Seoul World Cup stadium on that day. Gamst, however, exaggerated the South American accent during the relay and caused racial discrimination.

I do not think it will help if Nashang Ho is put into the game” when the late Nak Sang Ho (FC Tokyo) was put into the game.Today (26th) Korea and Japan are scheduled to play soccer national team, and the relay schedule is attracting attention.

Korea is ahead of the national team tie-up against Colombia at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 pm. Japan is scheduled to play an A match against Bolivia at 7:30 pm ahead of schedule.

South Korea and Colombia will be broadcast live on the terrestrial channel MBC, and can be viewed online via Naver Sports. Since Japan and Bolivia have no domestic relay, it is necessary to use foreign broadcasting relay site, Internet broadcasting.

Japan lost 0-0 against Colombia on Wednesday. On the other hand, Korea won 1-0 against Bolivia. However, the evaluation of the two teams is mixed. This is because the level difference between Colombia and the Bolivian soccer team is large. South Korea won a 1-0 victory against Bolivia, but it was punished for its disappointing goal.

Colombia, which played first against Japan, is ranked 12th in the FIFA rankings, ahead of Japan (27th) and Korea (38th). Bolivia, on the other hand, is ranked as the weakest of the four teams at 60th place. You can read more about 해외축구중계.

Meanwhile, at 10:00 pm at the My Dih Stadium in Vietnam, the third round of the U-23 Championship (U-23) Championship will be held in Vietnam and Thailand’s 2020 Asian Football Confederation (AFC

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